About Katie 


I was born & raised in Vancouver & moved to Lethbridge at age 20. How did a big city girl end up in what I consider to be a small town? As luck would have it I came to visit my parents when they moved here & I really fell in love with Southern Alberta!


I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up; everything sounded so exciting so I could never choose! I determined that college seemed like a wise move so after flipping through the college brochure and playing "enee-meenie-miny-mo" I settled on Child & Youth Care Worker. Yes, this is truly how I decided what to take in college. Luckily I did though, because it was through this program that I met the first ever bride I photographed (Hi Deb!!) & my love of photography was born. 


Fast forward 10 years & I have a lovely, thriving film & photo business! I am able to spend time with clients & reach people on a level I never thought possible. I am doing the most exciting job I could never even have dreamt of & I truly love every minute of it!

I am married to the funniest guy, & we have the cutest son named Kohen! We also have two doggies, Judah & Shadow, both rescue fur babies, & oh so fluffy! 


I'm passionate about women's empowerment and the love two people share for one another, no matter what form.


Cookies are my spirit animal, & when I'm excited I jump up & down like a little kid, I am always full of energy! I really love the way two people look at each other on their wedding day & I have been known to cry at more than one wedding.


Want to make my day? Contact me to start planning the wedding film or photography of your dreams! I absolutely love my job, & nothing makes me happier than knowing I get to be apart of another persons life in such an intimate & exciting way!