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Top 10 Reasons You NEED a Wedding Film!

This is my ultimate Top 10 List of why YOU NEED a wedding film! There might be some reasons on here that you haven't even considered, so read on for all the details:

10. It is the first keepsake you make together as newlyweds. It's something you can pass on to your children and their children and so on. It's a true memento of your day. 

9. The people you love the absolute most in the world are attending your wedding. A film allows you to see all of them again. And for those that couldn't make it, a film is a beautiful thing to show them so they can share in your joy together!

8. Your bridal party might do some crazy stuff, guaranteed it's going to be film-worthy when they do.

7. Your photographer might miss some moments, with a film you are always covered with 2-6 cameras rolling at all times.

6. They say time flies when you're having fun. Your wedding day might be one of the most fun filled and Fastest days of your life. You won't be able to take it all in on that day, but a film let's you relive all those moments again and again. And get in on the ones you missed!

5. You spent so much time planning your wedding, you agonized over every beautiful detail. Your film is going to see the fruits of your labour displayed in a way that tells the story of your wedding and your love in a way that honours your hard work. 

4. Your grandparents will be in it. Enough said.

3. Your parents will be apart of it: seeing their reactions when they see you for the first time, watching your dads eyes well up with tears of joy for you, your moms pride and absolute love for you when she does up your dress, their carefully chosen words during their speeches. All of that love. These are all things that film can show you and help you remember. 

2. Your Vows: even if you aren't writing your own, the words you speak to each other during your ceremony are absolutely sacred. They are the promises written on your hearts to one another. A wedding film captures them, and the love you shared right in that exact moment when you said, "I do" in a way that preserves them and allows you to listen to them again. A wedding film keeps them sacred for you, so you can be reminded any time you need to of what they were; on a wedding anniversary, a special occasion, or a just-because.

1. Your love. Remember when you first met? Remember your first date, your first kiss, when he said I love you the first time, when he proposed? Remember all of those special, fleeting moments? Can you imagine if you had a film of them, how much more detail you'd be able to relive? How you'd be able to go back to that moment any time you wanted. I can. That's what a wedding film will do for you. Allow you to remember and relive one of the most important days of your life whenever you want. Whenever you need a reminder that love conquers all things, watching your wedding film will be that reminder.

This is a compelling list isn't it! If you have questions or want to book your own wedding film, contact me today. I love chatting the details of your wedding with you :)

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